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Clean Air Solutions

Clean Air Solutions

Clean Air Solutions


Breathe Healthier

Airtemp and Honeywell recognize the desire of homeowners to breathe cleaner air. While portable air cleaners can provide a level of effectiveness to individual rooms, Honeywell whole-house air cleaners are installed on your Airtemp central heating and cooling system. It cleans the air going through your ductwork and pushes clean air out to all rooms in your home. Along with cleaning the air, Honeywell air cleaners can save you money by keeping your heating and cooling equipment clean, improving efficiency and extending service life of your Airtemp system.


Honeywell thermostats have long been the #1 choice of homeowners — because they're easy to use, easy to see and easy to program for energy savings.  If used as directed, Honeywell programmable thermostats can help cut heating and cooling costs by as much as 33% if used as directed. Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage. For the perfect blend of comfort and energy savings, the choice is Honeywell.

Whole-House Air Cleaners

Research shows that indoor air can be up to two to five times more polluted than outdoor air because particles — invisible to the eye but hazardous to the body — get trapped indoors. If you have anyone in your home who suffers from issues aggravated by poor air quality, consider a Whole-House Air-Cleaning System.  Honeywell air cleaning systems filter, capture and in some cases destroy airborne particles passing through the duct system, distributing cleaner air throughout your home. A Honeywell Whole-House Air Cleaner can also help maintain the performance of your furnace and air conditioner.

Get Connected Option – Honeywell RedLINK and WiFi Enabled Systems

Connecting your new heating and cooling system to the internet gives you access to remotely monitor and manage your system – at anytime, from anywhere – through your PC, smart phone or tablet device. Ask how you can get connected.