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Air Conditioners

Designed with reliable performance in mind, Airtemp split system outdoor units are engineered with…

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Airtemp Packaged Units

Packaged Units

Airtemp packaged products offer cooling only, heat pump, or gas heating and electric cooling in a single, compact…

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Airtemp Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

All Airtemp furnaces are engineered down to the last detail for whisper-quiet operation and efficient…

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Airtemp Oil Furnaces

Oil Furnaces

Clean combustion, engineered heat distribution and quiet operation are the benefits you can expect, year after year…

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Airtemp Air Handlers/Coils

Air Handlers / Coils

Our line of air handlers includes innovative features such as Micro-Channel coil technology to resist corrosion…

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Heat Pumps

You can count on an Airtemp heat pump to deliver cool, refreshing air on even the hottest summer days…

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